Sell NEC NL8060BC31-01 New Stock

#NL8060BC31-01 NEC NL8060BC31-01 New NLT 12.1inch Panel 800×600 150:1 262K CCFL TTL , NL8060BC31-01 pictures, NL8060BC31-01 price, #NL8060BC31-01 supplier ------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------- Panel Brand : NEC Panel Model…

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Sell AUO G270ZAN01.2 New Stock

#G270ZAN01.2 AUO G270ZAN01.2 New G270ZAN01.2 AUO 27" LCM 3840×2160 800 1000:1 89/89/89/89 16.7M WLED eDP, G270ZAN01.2 pictures, G270ZAN01.2 price, #G270ZAN01.2 supplier ------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer AUO Model Name…

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Sell Fuji 2MBI100N-060 New Stock

2MBI100N-060 IGBT power transistor from Fuji is your partner for AC and DC motor control systems used in transportation systems all over the world. It features low saturation voltage and less total power dissipation which makes the device consume less energy, making it cost efficient. 2MBI100N-060 is the best power module for conveyor belt applications due to its high frequency starting and stopping mechanism ability, perfect for what all airports worldwide need.

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