Sell Proface GP2501-TG41-24V New Stock

#GP2501-TG41-24V Proface GP2501-TG41-24V New PRO-FACE Touchpad HMI Touch Screen, GP2501-TG41-24V pictures, GP2501-TG41-24V price, #GP2501-TG41-24V supplier
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GP2501-TG41-24V GP2501-TG41-24V inverter, GP2501-TG41-24V power supply, GP2501-TG41-24V electronic board, GP2501-TG41-24V VGA board, GP2501-TG41-24V touchscreen available.

Shunlongwei Inspected Every GP2501-TG41-24V Before Ship, All GP2501-TG41-24V with 6 months warranty.

Part Number Manufacturer Packaging Descript Qty
XC9215A15CMRTorex Semiconductor LTDSwitching Regulator/Controller 687 PCS
STB200NF04-1STTO-262120A, 40V, 0.0037ohm, N-CHANNEL, Si, POWER, MOSFET, TO-262AA, TO-262, I2PAK-3 8110 PCS
SSF2122ESILKRONDFN3X3-8LPower Field-Effect Transistor, 7A I(D), 20V, 0.03ohm, 2-Element, N-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET, DFN3X3-8L, 8 PIN 2635 PCS
BD7904FS-E2ROHMHSOP54Motion Control Electronic, BICMOS, PDSO54, 580 PCS
BAS20W-7DIODESSOT323Rectifier Diode, 1 Element, 0.2A, 200V V(RRM), Silicon, PLASTIC PACKAGE-3 144090 PCS
ADF4351BCPZ-RL7ADLFCSPWideband Synthesizer with Integrated VCO 590 PCS
VI-23Z-CZVICORIGBT module48V/2V/10W 167 PCS
VI-221-EXVICORIGBT moduleDC-DC Regulated Power Supply Module, 1 Output, 75W, Hybrid, 150 PCS
VI-J2R-EYVICORIGBT moduleDC-DC Regulated Power Supply Module, 1 Output, 50W, Hybrid, 124 PCS
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