Sell Semikron SKM300GA123D New Stock

SKM300GA123D  not recommended for new design Features: .MOS input (voltage controlled) .N channel, Homogeneous Si .Low inductance case .Very low tail current with low temperature dependence .High short circuit capability, self limiting to 6 x I cnom .Latch-up free Fast & soft inverse CAL diodes .Isolated copper baseplate using DCB Cirect Copper Bonding Technology .Large clearance (12 mm) and creepage distances (20 mm) Typical Applications: Switching (not for linear use) 

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Sell T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH New Stock

#T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH New New Touch screen T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH, T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH pictures, T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH price, #T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH supplier ------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------- T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH Stock; T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH supplier; T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH Glass New Touch screen T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH Shunlongwei Inspected Every T190C-5RBA16N-3A28R4-200FH…

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Sell Sharp LQ038B7DB01 New Stock

#LQ038B7DB01 Sharp LQ038B7DB01 New LQ038B7DB01 Sharp 3.8" LCM 320×480 60:1 40/40/40/50 262K No B/L TTL, LQ038B7DB01 pictures, LQ038B7DB01 price, #LQ038B7DB01 supplier ------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------- Brand Sharp Model LQ038B7DB01  …

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